Hey guys! Last year was really tough for us, and our website is more offline than online. Our hosting company requested from us to actually upgrade or else they will cancel our services. We of course rejected that and moved to another hosting company with better offer. And that’s when all of you helped us still be alive on the web. During that time we have changed complete design, shortened our domain name. Here’s a big THANK YOU for all of you who donated:

Infinity State
Ello Lilleorg
Rick Siron
Keith Harris
Aivaras Petravicius
Connor Jacobssen
Jakub Łuczak
Raven Kaafarani
Sebastian Ratzer
Tim Piotrowski
Roger Blandford
Michelle Bunyard
Joshua Waddell (Mitaric)
Vincent Konkel
Arturo Metelin (Southern Sun)
Karim Nassar (K Nass)
Jay Flora
Hazra Begum
Gabriel Charalambides
Stefan Nouwens
Maxime Massoutie

However, moderate server costs are still persistent and for that cause, we are dropping this donation button below. Thanks!